Youth Offender Diversion Alternative

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be . . .
for the dark side looks back.

An educational program to address simple possession of marijuana/paraphernalia criminal court charges and marijuana abuse by youth.

For youth 16-20 years old with no prior conviction of simple possession or paraphernalia.


What to Expect:

A Family Group Conference (Mediation) that encourages family participation and oversight of the drug abuse by the youth.

Two educational videos on drugs and addiction, and answer to questions to prove it was watched.

One hour of community service per year of age of the youth, proof by letterhead of non-profit agency.

Minimum attendance of 1 AA/NA Meeting, signed form by authority at the AA/NA meeting.

Educational Project (related to drug abuse).

$60 court fee, with receipt to us.

Independent completion, with the documents mailed/brought to us 7 working days before next court date (envelope, cashier form, and checklist provided).