Restorative Justice Practices Training

“The implementation of Restorative Justice at Pressly Alternative School has opened lines of communication among students, staff, and parents to truly form a team focused on ensuring the success of our students. . . Students are also asking to use restorative practices to solve peer conflicts rather than arguing and fighting.  Restorative Justice is preparing our students to be empowered, productive citizens.” – Dr. Stacy L. Williams, Principal, February 2015

Restorative Justice and Practices workshops are available to schools, clubs, youth organizations, churches, workplaces, and many other entities that wish to bring fairness and equity to their interactions with each other. 

Community Ambassador Training

7 hours
Readies volunteers to work with youth in the Restorative Justice Program.  Next Training January 28, 2016 (MLK Day).

Survey of interest to teachers

1 ½  hours
Schools interested in Restorative Approaches

Circles for the Classroom

6 hours
Specifically for teachers to learn to use circles in middle to high school classes.

Introduction to Restorative Approaches

Exploring how restorative approaches achieve the aims of restorative work through small groups and skills practice of using circles in classrooms and cafeteria/hallways
8 hours CEU’s
School counselors, SAP, SRO’s, Attorneys

Training for Peers Programs

Training program to look at how peers support each other and staff by examining their own conflicts and developing skills to better handle day to day stressors

Developing Student leaders (Ambassadors) in circle process for minor incident and classroom attitudes by using Peacemakers Modules and Peer Circle Leadership curriculum
4 hours each for Peacemakers and Peer Circle Leaders
School ISS teachers, counselors and after school program leaders

Restorative Approaches- 3 days

Help build the necessary skills to use formal restorative justice conference facilitation to resolve conflict and repair harm.  Explore using restorative language and how to build communication between students/teachers.  Team members from school will have the opportunity to look at how to use restorative circles and informal restorative chats to create a positive learning environment rich in emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills.
24 hours CEU’s
School administrators, teachers and staff who are interested in using restorative approaches

Restorative Approaches Refresher

For those who have already had Restorative Approaches training, a half day refresher to ensure their skills are up to date and they are delivering effective practice. 
  • Conference engagement- how to prepare participants to take part in a RJ conference
  • Small group skills practice:  to develop understanding of how to both prepare and deliver effective restorative conferencing
4 hours

Faculty/staff Meetings on Restorative Approaches
  1. Use of Restorative Conversations
  2. Classroom circles
  3. Family Group Conferencing
1 ½ hours
Schools participating in climate change: 

Parent Groups:

1 hour sessions
Parents of children in RJ climate change schools