Partners in Parenting

***Get directions from this website!  Do not follow directions from Google Maps to 1835 Davie Ave or rely on your cell phone's pull-up directions! You may end up at the wrong location, and late for your workshop.
This workshop is held at 410 East Front Street, Statesville, NC 28677.  Please park behind the Senior Center next door.

This is a 3.5 hour workshop for parents who are encouraged to protect the physical and emotional well-being of their children. Parents are taught by a facilitator using award winning content on how to continue being good parents to their children after ending a relationship with one another.

  • There is a fee of $50, payable online by paypal account, debit or credit card. Please make your payment using the paypal button above prior to attending the class.

  • To pay the fee the night of the class, please pay by check or debit/credit card.
  • No refunds are available.

  • Emergency scholarships are available on a very limited basis, and must be approved in advance.

Preferred way to Register:  First, let us know who you are and that you want to attend.  Send us an email by going to the More Info (main tab) page of this website, and scrolling down to the email entry area.  Or give us a call at 704-873-7624. You may have to leave a message. Next, using the 'Pay Now' button above, pay via paypal account, credit card or debit card prior to the date of the class.  If you still have questions regarding registration, please email piedmontmediation1@juno.com. 
  • If you contact us by email, we will need your name, address, email, and class preference (see below).
  • If you are not using our form on the CONTACT US page, please identify Partners in Parenting in the Subject Line.

We will notify you by mail or email as to the date and time.  Usually, classes alternate monthly between Saturday morning (9-12:30) and Thursday evening (6-9:30), held once each month. 

See schedule below.

Participants will learn:
  • How to help their children adapt to and recover from the end of their parent’s relationship
  • How to reduce children’s feelings of confusion, split loyalty, depression, and anxiety
  • How to ask and answer questions that will encourage and support children
  • How to quickly recognize and respond to behavioral problems
  • How to develop a future-focused orientation with children
  • Why it’s so important that children maintain close relationships with both parents
Program Content
  • The impact of divorce on children
  • The grief and recovery process
  • Children’s reactions and perceptions to broken families
  • How to know when your child needs help coping and adapting
  • Introducing new intimate partners and step-parents
  • Creating a reliable partnership between parents “for the sake of the kids”
Program Success over Ten Years
  • 99% said the class increased their understanding of how divorce affects children
  • 96% said the class helped them effectively recognize and respond to the needs, concerns, and problems of their children
  • 95% said that taking the class inspired them to reconsider their parenting priorities and methods
  • 97% said they would refer others to this workshop
Country-wide Success (a Model Program of SAMHSA)
  • 57% reduction in litigation
  • 30% to 53% reduction in parental conflict
  • 70% fewer school absences
  • 54% fewer physician visits by children
  • 22% reduction in child-reported stress

May 2, Thursday, 6-9:30pm
June 6, Thursday, 6-9:30pm
July 11, Thursday, 6-9:30pm
August 3, Saturday, 9-12:30pm
September 5, Thursday, 6-9:30pm
October 5, Saturday, 9-12:30pm
November 7, Thursday, 6-9:30pm
December 7, Saturday, 9-12:30pm

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