Make a Difference in the Life of a Youth 
                   TRAINING PROVIDED  - 7 hour training through Piedmont Mediation Center

The Restorative Justice Program through Piedmont Mediation Center is seeking adult volunteers to assist with Restorative Justice Conferences in Iredell County.

Who are Restorative Justice Ambassadors?

  • Volunteer community members who help the offender and their family decide how to repair the harm done to the victim or the community, and start the youth on the path to making better choices and decisions.

  • They hold the juvenile accountable in a positive way—to help the victim, the youth and the family as well as the community. They may serve as surrogate victims or community elders in representing their community’s interests.

  • They act as an “ambassador” for Restorative Justice Processes through Piedmont Mediation Center, and may serve on an Advisory Committee for Restorative Justice in Iredell County.

What are the Qualifications of a Community Restorative Ambassador?

  • Live in and/or work in the community where the incident or crime occurs. Age 20+ and have approximately 2 hours a month to serve as a volunteer.

  • Good communication skills; complete a background check and interview.

  • Care deeply about young people.

  • Complete the required 7 hour training through Piedmont Mediation Center

  • 410 East Front Street, Statesville, NC
Call 704-873-7624 or mediationwithjessica@gmail.co